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Basic Plumbing Tools

Occasionally challenges such as clogs or leaks arise which a do-it-yourselfer would like to remedy quickly. Specific plumbing tools are necessary for these types of repairs. While you don’t need to know everything about plumbing, it’s important to understand the basics, especially when it comes to leaks.

Plumbing Tools<
A few tools that are crucial to any home plumbing tool box include:

1. Closet Auger
Unclogs toilets when a plunger will not work. The auger feeds into the toilet opening and releases the clog when pulled out.

closet auger plumbing tools

2. Pipe Wrench
Heavy-duty wrench available in several sizes. Great for gripping and turning pipes. Adjustable jaws are made to grip one way and slide the other way.

pipe wrench plumbing tools

3. Slip-joint Pliers
Great for various plumbing jobs. Easily removes large nuts such as those found on the p-traps under your sink.

slip joint pliers plumbing tools

4. Basin Wrench
Long handle wrench with jaws at the end. Designed for reaching nuts in hard to reach areas.

basic wrench plumbing tools

Tips to Remember:

  • When dealing with toilet clogs, be sure to wear heavy-duty rubber gloves.
  • Pipe wrenches and slip-joint pliers are great tools to have around for retrieving items that have fallen into a drain.
  • A basin wrench fits where most other wrenches can’t.
  • Probably one of the most important tips to remember is where the main water valve is for easy shut off access. (Just in case)
  • The average household plumbing system represents an investment of about fifteen percent of the value of the house.

If you are not equipped with these tools, and are in dire need of help, contact the experts.
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