Understanding The Drain - Waste - Vent System at Home (DWV) - Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Understanding The Drain – Waste – Vent System at Home (DWV)
October 20, 2016

How Water Supply Plumbing System Works at Home

Plumbing System - Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Plumbing System - Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Water travels under pressure through a system of pipes to your home. The water company uses a water meter to measure how much water you use. This meter is often buried in a housing with a removable lid, located in front of the house, near the street.

A shutoff valve is located on each side of the water meter; the one closest to your house will locked off all the water to your home and property. The main shutoff valve is often located on each side of the water meter. The one on the street side is the water company’s valve, the one used to shut off the system when the company wants to work on or change your meter. 

The other one controls water that flows to your house. When you turn it off your main shutoff valve will stop all water flowing through your water supply system, both indoors and outdoors.

An easy way to look for a shutoff valve in cold states may be inside the basement or crawlspace, its regularly located where the meter reader can be checked it monthly without any disturbing process. 


Do you know how to read the amount of water you spent monthly?

The water company distributes water to the meter through a large pipe called a main, which often parallels the street. The water meter measures the amount of water that flows to your house. Dials or a digital figure on the meter record how many cubic feet of water travel through the meter.

The company meter reader records the numbers each month, and the company computes the difference between last month’s and this month’s readings to calculate your bill. Reading a digital meter is easy, just like reading a car’s odometer. To read a dial-type meter, record the smallest of the two numbers near the tip of each indicator.

The Gate valve is another important part of the system, its used as the main shutoff valve, is designed to be used either completely open or closed. As you open the valve, a tapered wedge retracts from the water channel into the valve’s body, allowing water to flow. When closed, the wedge creates a seal. Other valves control the flow of water through parts of your supply system. A valve near the house may shut off all water indoors; another may control all garden water.


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