The Ben Franklin Society of the Treasure Coast
and North Palm Beach


The Ben Franklin Society™ is a plumbing maintenance club that is limited to a select group of our loyal customers. This program is for the plumbing security of your home. As a member you receive a professional safety inspection, leak check and water heater tune-up for your plumbing system annually, breakdown-free guarantee and premier client rewards. You also get a 15% discount on repairs and replacements, and you get all this for just pennies a day! The punctual plumber will catch and repair all your plumbing problems before they become disasters.


Plumbing Tips to Prevent Common Plumbing Issues

Preventing Root Intrusion: Take the time to flush some RootX down the toilet at night so it can sit in the pipes. This reduces the growth of roots in your pipes.

Avoid Frozen Pipes: Be sure your pipes are covered or insulated on a cold night and leave a steady drip of hot and cold water going overnight.

Preventing Water Leaks: Do quick inspections around plumbing fixtures to check for water build-up, discoloration, and be sure to check all hose connections. Early detection of a leak can save hundreds in repair costs.

Lower Hot Water Bills: There are many ways to lower the hot water bill such as taking showers instead of baths, emptying sediment and other particles from the hot water tank every 3 months and use low flow shower heads.

Preventing Clogged Drains: The best way to prevent clogs is to watch what’s going down your drain. If at all possible avoid putting grease down the sink. Also clean removable stoppers and strainers whenever possible.


To sign up for our plumbing maintenance program, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of the Treasure Coast and North Palm Beach.