Sinks are an important part of home plumbing. From washing hands and dishes to wowing guests, our sinks serve many purposes. Our Treasure Coast and North Palm Beach plumbing technicians repair and install all types of sinks for your kitchen and bathroom plumbing needs. Whether you are replacing an old sink, repairing a clogged sink, or doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, our expertise can help you choose the right service and equipment for your needs.


Treasure Coast and North Palm Beach Sink Styles

Choosing a sink may be harder than it seems. There are many different materials, brands and features to choose from. Our plumbers can inform you of your options and help you find a sink that is aesthetically appealing as well as offers the features you want.

Plastic sinks are commonly used in laundry rooms or for industrial purposes because they are inexpensive and generally durable. Plastic sinks can also be quite attractive with several color options. It is important to keep plastic sinks away from high heat because this can damage them.

Stone sinks have been used for a long time for their durability. While they are more expensive than other sinks they last longer and have great aesthetic appeal. Stone sinks include onyx, granite and marble.

Stainless steel sinks are most commonly used in kitchens and are durable as well as cost effective.

Enamel and ceramic sinks are very popular due to their durability as well as the many shape and color choices they offer. While they may chip, these sinks are impervious to heat and cold.

Glass, concrete and terrazzo sinks are often used in commercial settings, but may also be desirable for the home. They are often custom-designed and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.