Toilet Repairs

We may not think about it, but the toilet is comprised of many parts, and generally, if one breaks or isn’t functioning properly, it throws off the entire system. Clogged, leaking, or constantly running toilets can be very frustrating to deal with. Be sure to let one of our Ben Franklin plumbers look at your toilet before making a repair that involves the main water pipes or sewer lines. For these more severe toilet repair problems, we offer emergency plumbing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Toilet Installation for Treasure Coast and North Palm Beach

Are you in need of a new toilet? Look no further! With today’s technology there are so many efficient toilets out there to choose from and most can save several gallons of water per year, benefiting your pocketbook and the environment. Our punctual plumbers offer dual-flush mechanisms, high performance and low-flow models that use less than 2 gallons per flush. Ask us which one may be right for you.

We are the Treasure Coast and North Palm Beach toilet repair pros.

We find that many people attempt to fix toilet problems themselves. While there are certain small problems that a knowledgeable person can fix themselves, a smaller malfunction could also be a sign of a much bigger plumbing problem. Instead of wasting money and time trying to repair it yourself, call the toilet repair experts at Ben Franklin. We can quickly assess, diagnose, repair or replace your toilet in an efficient and timely manner.